There are lots of Hyaluronic Acid-based dermal fillers and polymer products in the market.
But they are mainly focused on localized part for volumizing effect.
Furthermore, we cannot overlook the possibility of side effects by blocking blood vessel or pressing it.
GOURI is a new type of injectable based on fully solubilized biocompatible and biodegradable PCL which spreads naturally into the extensive part of the skin.



DEXLEVO’s Collagenesis-Enabled Solubilized Active and Biodegradable Polymer Technology is a unique technology that enables regeneration of natural skin collagen without the use of microparticles.

Features of Key GOURI

– Premium Collagen Stimulator
– Fully solubilized liquid from of Polycaprolactone (PCL)


Under eye Protocol (1 Syringe)
Inject to deep dermis
Inject 0.5 cc per point
x2 / 0.5cc per point
Needle poking point

General Protocol (1+1 Syringe)

Inject to deep dermis
Inject 0.2 cc per point
x2 / 0.2cc per point
x8 / 0.2cc per point
1st point: Middle point of the forehead, above the center of
an eye pupil.
2nd point: Horizontal with nostrils, about 2-3 cm away
from the nose.
3rd point: Same level as 2nd point, below the cheekbone.
4th point: Same level with the end of the lips line, located in the middle between the 2nd and 3rd point.
5th point: around the eye.

Enhancing Protocol (1+1+1 Syringe)

Inject to deep dermis
Inject 0.5 cc per point – around the eye
Inject 0.25 cc per point – entire face
x2 / 0.2cc per point
x8 / 0.2cc per point
If you want special care, inject the same point of General protocol
with 0.25cc for 1st ~ 4th point and with 0.5cc for 5th point.


3 sessions at 4 weeks interval

– Every session, he(40’s male) got 2 points applying 0.5cc (per point) on the under eyes and got 2 points applying 0.2cc (per point) on the forehead.
– This picture was taken after 3 month since the procedure

4 sessions at 4 weeks interva

1 session after 12 weeks
Cases in Korea

– Injection of up to 1mp injected according to the judgment of the specialist in the deep dermis around eyes.
– The injection site was slowly injected at a rate of less then 1.0ml per minute by liner threading technique.

3 sessions at 3 weeks interval
by Dr.Julio from Mexico

– Every session, she (60’s age) applied 3cc to her entire face including under eyes.
– Nothing unusual was found in the patient.
– After 2 sessions (roughly after 2 month since the 1st trial), she feels something strains her skin and the skin has been improved naturally.


Skin elasticity at the injected site of 6 week-old female Sprague Dawley rat was calculated using R2, R5, and R7 values measured by Custometer CM580 immediately after 1, 2, and 4 weeks after injection. R2 value, defined as Ua/UF, is considered as the most important parameter reflecting gross elasticity.
Custometer evaluation data and histological evaluation in rat skin support that dermal rejuvenation can be achieved by increasing skin elasticitiy and dermal collagen with GOURI
The increased dermal thickness was not enough to fill skin folds and lift depressed areas, but sufficient to induce rejuvenation.

Chronological change of skin elasticity as measured by a Cutometer.
R2 value reflecting dermal elasticity showed a gradual elevation until week 4


The existing high polymer fillers provide volume for the localized part because the micro size particles don’t disperse into the skin.
However, the micro size particles are associated with adverse reactions such as vascular infarction and necrosis, granuloma formation, and skin discoloration. Moreover, it can cause technical difficulties during administration because of its particles often block the needle.

GOURI, However, a new type of injectable based on the world’s first Fully Solubilized PCL without micro particle, encourages face lifting and elasticity for entire face by neocollagenesis.
Unlike other existing filler products, it improves entire face safely and effectively without any side effects